Hire Me

If you like the things that you read on this blog and want to work with me, you’re in the right place.


I write code on a contract basis. I currently have availability. I specialize in legacy iOS apps that have grown too big too fast and need refactoring, but I have experience with systems all up and down the stack.

Code Review

I can review the code that your team writes. If you want a second, third, or nth set of eyes on your code, I can help. Great code review can help track down bugs before they are deployed, find issues with architecture, and increase communication across teams. Code review contracts are usually for much fewer hours per week than programming contracts, so I have a lot of availability for this, and it ends up being very affordable for your company as well.


I’m available to speak at your conference or company. I have a few talks that I’d be happy to give, on these topics:

  • Swift Extensions
  • Abstraction
  • Swift Sequences
  • Coordinators
  • Promises
  • Monads
  • Kanye West

There are videos of some of these talks online.

I’m also open to writing a new talk for the right opportunity.


I’m available to train your team on a per-day basis. We can cover a variety of engineering topics, including:

  • object-oriented design
  • iOS architecture
  • testing
  • coordinators
  • promises
  • and other topics

Because the needs of tech teams vary so much, each workshop will be slightly different. Contact me and we’ll build a specific plan that will work best for your team. I’ll examine your codebase and recent pull requests and then come up with recommendations about where your engineers could improve, and build a curriculum around that.


Contact me at soroush@khanlou.com, and we’ll discuss your needs and create a plan that will work best for your team.