Here is a list of talks I've given. If you'd like me to speak at your conference, please get in touch at

Elevated Swift

BA Swiftable 2022 — How do elevators work? How do their algorithms run and what can we learn about Swift while programming them?

From Problem to Solution

iOS Conf SG (January 2019) / dotSwift (January 2019) / AppBuilders (April 2019) — In this talk, I discuss abstraction — what it is and what it isn't, and how to go from problematic code to the code we love.

You Deserve Nice Things

FrenchKit (September 2017) / Pragma (October 2017) / Øredev (November 2017) / Teki-Con (April 2018) — In this talk, I discuss when and why to use extensions in your code.

Solving Sudoku in Swift

Twilio Signal (May 2017) / try! Swift NYC (September 2017) — In this talk, I live-code a solution to every Sudoku in Swift.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Sequence & Collection

Playgrounds (February 2017) / try! Swift Japan (March 2017) — I do a deep dive on the Sequence and Collection protocols in Swift, and how they work together.

What the Heck is a Monad?

Brooklyn Swift (December 2015) — A live coding talk version of the What The Heck Is A Monad post, incorporating some ideas from this blog post.

Presenting “Coordinators”

NSSpain (September 2015) – This is a video version of the concepts in my Coordinators post. This talk includes some graphics I think help express the concept, so it's worth watching even if you've read the post.

All Roads Lead West

Úll (April 2015) / Layers (June 2015) — Here, I discussed using Kanye West as a lens for analyzing our own creative work. Written and presented far before the reactionary comments later in his career.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

CocoaLove (November 2014) — In this talk, I discuss being totally terrified all the time. Fear and self-doubt are common occurrences amongst people in our field, and by talking about them in the open, we can start to take away their power. You can find an annotated version of the transcript on Genius here.