I had the pleasure and privilege of presenting a Blitz Talk at SecondConf this year. For those that don’t know, a Blitz Talk is a strictly enforced presentation format, where you have 5 minutes to show 20 slides, and the slides advance every 15 seconds automatically. It’s a brutal format, since there’s no slowing down. My talk was on SKBounceAnimation, which is an explicit animation that makes it dead-simple to create a bounce animation. It was really well received, and I was honestly blown away by the number of people that came by and talked to me about the animation.

A few folks have asked me to share the slides that I used. They’re pretty minimal, so if you have any questions about the content or derivations, please feel free to ask me questions via email (soroush@khanlou.com) or Twitter ((@khanlou).

Find the slides below in PDF format.

Download Link

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